Using of Broccoli Leaves on Diets of Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio L.) and the effect as natural antioxidant and food additives.


  • Jafar Musa Saleh College of Sciences -University of Karbala



This study was aimed at using powder of broccoli leaves as added food material and offsetting of industrial antioxidants used in synthesis of fish diets used in nutrition of carp fish (Cyprinus carpio L(.  . 60 little common carps were used in this study. Each plastic aquarium of the 12 aquariums. In this experiment, a semi-closed system was used and the aquariums were divided, according to the diet given,into 4 treatments each contains 3 replicates for each synthetic diet, including the control treatment  A, treatment B containing 5% broccoli powder (g /kg) and the treatment Cthat contained 10% (g / kg) broccoli powder as well as the treatment D that contained 15% (g / kg) broccoli leaves powder. All the manufactured diets were stored for 30 days under laboratory conditions to determine the effect of adding broccoli powder as an antioxidant in diets synthesized in the laboratory. The fish were fed twice a day to the point of satiety, and the environmental standards taken from aquarium water were within the suitable levels for the growth of common carp fish. and the values of environmental factors during the experiment period 25 ° C, pH 8.5 and the saline concentration 0.85  as well as dissolved oxygen 9.3 mg / L the effectiveness of broccoli powder used as an antioxidant was estimated by measuring the value of thaobarburture acid (TBA) for the fourth diets A, B, C, D, respectively, The results of the TBA test for the fourth diets showed significant differences (p <0.05) and the treatment D containing 15% broccoli powder.

Significant differences were also found in growth and food conversion rate as well as survival rate (p <0.05). The best growth of fish fed on diet C that was added with 10% broccoli leaves, and food conversion rate, The highest protein-to-energy ratio P: E was in treatment B and the lowest P: E ratio was in treatment D. the treatment C gave the highest survival rate reaching. The lowest survival rate was in the control treatment A .

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Jafar Musa Saleh, College of Sciences -University of Karbala

Assistant lecturer

 Department of animal Production/  Agriculture college/Karbala University



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Musa Saleh, J. (2017). Using of Broccoli Leaves on Diets of Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio L.) and the effect as natural antioxidant and food additives. Journal of Kerbala for Agricultural Sciences, 4(3), 1–15.



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