Some genetic parameters of carcass traits ten months aged in Local and Cyprian male goats.*


  • عبدالله حميد سالم
  • سعد ابراهيم سعيد
  • صادق علي طه



genetic parameters, carcass traits, goats males, المعالم الوراثية ,صفات الذبيحة , ذكور الماعز


This study was conducted in Ruminants Researches Station / /Directorate of Agricultural Researches /Ministry of Agriculture, for the period from 20/1/2014 until 1/10/2014. Study targeted some genetic parameters of the live weight at slaughter and some characteristics of carcass in 10 months aged Male goats. The heritability, genetic and phenotypic correlations of above characteristics were studied for 45 Cyprian and 25 Local male ascribing goats which slaughtered and measured the different carcass traits in marketing age (10 monmths). Heritability estimates amounted to the live weight at slaughter and empty body weight 0.46 and 0.75 respectively in Local goats, and for the dressing percentage  was estimates on the basis of the live weight 0.90 and on the basis of empty weight was 0.15 in local goats. Estimations of heritability of the depth of the chest and leg circumference , according to the arrangement 0.01 and 0.08 in local goats and 0.37 of carcass circumference in Cyprian goats. The estimation  of heritability of the weight of cuts were for loin (0.99) , shoulder (0.77) , flank (0.67) , ribs (0.62) and chest (0.51),while The estimates for the same traits in Cyprian goat, most of them have been negative except appreciation 0.54 (for shoulder)and appreciation 0.87 (for chest) and appreciation 0.32 (for neck) . estimates of heritability for fat thickness noted in this study was 0.98 in Cyprus (was negative in local), and were for  kidney and pelvic fat & omental fat 0.05 &0.08 respectively in Cyprian goats, and 0.18 for omental fat in Local goats. The study include the heritability  of fat weight in leg (0.56) in Local goats, lean weight in leg (0.95) , bone weight in leg (0.84) in Cyprian goats, and for ribs lean (0.23) in Local goats and 0.24 for ribs fat in Cyprian goats. The estimations of heritability for studied muscles weights were variant between muscles and between the two breeds. The genetic and phenotypic correlations between some important economic carcass traits varied from high (positive & negative) to low (positive & negative) ,and a high significant in most of these correlations in Local and Cyprian goats.

Key words: genetic parameters, carcass traits, goats males.


*The research was winkling from Ph.D Thesis of first researcher .



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سالم ع. ح., سعيد س. ا., & طه ص. ع. (2018). Some genetic parameters of carcass traits ten months aged in Local and Cyprian male goats.*. Journal of Kerbala for Agricultural Sciences, 2(4), 134–148.