The Study Effect Of Curcumin On Some Of Chemophysiological Parameters And Spinal Cord Tissue In Male Rabbits Subjected To Monosodium Glutamate


  • Heba A. Abd-Alsalam Alsalame Kerbala University /college of Education for pure science
  • Wefak G. Mohammad Al-Bazii Kerbala University/ college of Veterinary
  • May May F. Magid Al-Habeb Alnahran University/ college of medicine



This study aimed to know the preventive role of a substance Curcumin .  against damage happening in the nervous system and induced textured monosodium glutamate (MSG) in male rabbits. , sixty of adult male rabbits  were randomly divided into four equal groups (15 animals / group), the first group (G1) intubated with  1 ml / kg ml / kg of corn oil  and served as a control group (G1) . The second group were intubated orally and daily with  3mg /kg of MSG for three months  , while the third group (G3) has intubated orally and daily with  60 mg / kg curcumin for three months, the fourth group intubated orally and daily with 3mg /kg of MSG and  60 mg / kg  of curcumin  for  three months .Fasting blood samples were collected from fasted rabbits at pretreated period , Mid-experiment and at the end of experiment to study the following parameters  : concentration of  Total protein (TP) and Glucose (GLU) in cerebeospinal fluid  . The results revealed that oral dosing with MSG caused  a significant decrease (P <0.01)in concentration of  TP  and significant increase  (P <0.01) in concentration of  GLU compared with the control group. The group that treated with 60mg / kg   curcumin revealed  a significant increase (P <0.01) in   concentration of  TP  while no significant difference was observed in the concentration of GLU  compared with the control group. Experience also shows that oral dosing with MSG and  curcumin caused significant decrease (P <0.01)  in the concentration  TP  ,  and significant increase  in the concentration of  GLU after end of three months compared with the control group .

 Histological results from rabbits treated with MSG for three months have showed degenerative changes in spinal cord after staining with H&E  , the  treatment of nervous tissue with Silver stain showed deposit  of beta Amleod Aβ plaques in spinal cord  compared with the control group  while the results showed   the natural structure of spinal cord  by H&E and Silver stain after treatment with curcumin, but for the group that treated with MSG and   curcumin has been observed the natural appearance of the nervous tissue with little appearance of some of the gaps by H & E  with  lack of deposition of Aβ in the spinal cord  by  Silver stain  compared with the control group.

    In conclusion , results of this study that   monosodium glutamate (MSG) causes clearly pathological changes in nervous tissue and confirm the protective role of Curcumin against the pernicious influence of the nervous tissue and Some of the ions in the serum of male rabbit




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Alsalame, H. A. A.-A., Al-Bazii, W. G. M., & Al-Habeb, M. M. F. M. (2017). The Study Effect Of Curcumin On Some Of Chemophysiological Parameters And Spinal Cord Tissue In Male Rabbits Subjected To Monosodium Glutamate. Journal of Kerbala for Agricultural Sciences, 4(5), 18–30.