Effect of Organic-Bio fertilizers on Mineral and Chemical for Vinca ‎Plants


  • Ahmed A. Kadhim Technical College, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Univ.‎
  • Ahad A. Hadi Technical College, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Univ.‎
  • Sawsan A. Abdul-Lateef ‎ Agric. College, Baghdad Univ




Keywords : Vinca plant, Bokashi, Azospirillium Biofertilizer ‎


This factorial experiment carried out in the research field in technical college during 2018-2019 with the aim of increasing the qualitative and chemical growth parameters of the vinca plants cultured in plastic pots by the effect of adding different ratios from bokashi (0, 10, 20, 30 and 40%) from pot weight. While the second factor was use and don’t use the Azosperillium bio fertilizer. The experiment was designed according to C.R.D. of five replicates for each treatment, each replicate contains five pots. The results showed that the study factors had a significant effect on the all studies characteristics, the interaction (30% bokashi with Azosperillium) gave highest levels of the leaves content of (Chlorophyll 42.48 SPAD, N 2.684%, P 0.402%, K 1.38% and carbohydrates 5.094 %) and the number of branches roots 30.2 root, also the interaction (40% bakashi with Azosperillium) gave the highest rate of root length 31.4cm. While the plants of control treatment showed a significant increase in the leaves content of proline acid 1.17ml.gm-1.




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Kadhim, A. A., Hadi, A. A., & Abdul-Lateef ‎, S. A. (2020). Effect of Organic-Bio fertilizers on Mineral and Chemical for Vinca ‎Plants. Journal of Kerbala for Agricultural Sciences, 7(3), 1–12. https://doi.org/10.59658/jkas.v7i3.810