The effect of Different concentrations of glucose solution on the growth and biofilm formation of sensitive and resistant Pseudomonas aeroginosa isolates.


  • Suhad Mohammed College of Applied Medical Sciences
  • Hadi Mahmoud Hadi
  • Noor Al-Huda Kareem Hamed
  • Noor Kareem Abbas


Burns are a severely debilitating class of wound. Pseudomonas aureugnosa is one of most common bacteria that associated with burn infection. Hypertonic glucose solution considered as a new approach to control chronic wound infections. To study the effect of glucose solution (at different concentrations) on the growth of P. aeruginosa and on their biofilm formation (for both resistant and sensitive isolates), Four P. aeruginosa isolates were isolated from swab samples taken from different sites of burn’s patients whom admitted to Al-Imam Al-Hussain Medical City. Antibiotic susceptibility patterns were determined and the effect of different concentration of glucose solution on growth and biofilm formation were studied.

The results showed that the growth of all isolates (resistant and sensitive) were reduced for more than 50% after 5 hours of incubation and this reduction increases both with the increasing of glucose concentration and with the increasing of time of exposure of the bacterial isolates to the glucose solution. The biofilm formation was increased in the presence of glucose solution with the used concentrations with the exception of the concentration of 100 mg in which the biofilm formation was inhibited in comparison to controls. Regarding Biofilm eradication assay, the formed biofilm layer were partially eradicated in the glucose concentrations of 50, 100 in most of the isolates.

In conclusion, Hypertonic glucose solution in different concentrations has inhibitory effect (both concentrations dependent and time dependent) on growth of sensitive and resistant bacteria. The inhibitory action of the glucose against P. aeruginosa biofilms was found in the lower concentration of glucose solution whereas higher concentration of glucose increased the biofilm formation. none of the concentrations revealed the complete destruction of biofilm.



2023-04-03 — Updated on 2023-04-27