Ectopic pregnancy; causes and management in Kerbala maternity hospital

  • muna kasim ollege of mediine - university of kerbala


Background Ectopic pregnancy is the implantation of embryo outside the endometrial cavity. Ectopic pregnancy remains an important cause of morbidity and mortality in early pregnancy. Objective to determine causes , signs and symptoms and treatment options offer for these patients. Patients and methods The study was carried out in kerbala maternity hospital from January 2014- June 2016. Female with ectopic pregnancy after taking history from them, examination, result of investigation ,mode of treatment and any complication were recorded . The total admission to the hospital  in this period was also recorded. Results The incidence of ectopic pregnancy during this period was 0.132% . the peak age of incidence was between 20-25 years. Majority of patients had lower educational level  57.14% . History of abortion and previous surgery were the major risk factors and their contribution was 41.07% and 35.71% respectively. 73.21% of patients did not using any contraception. 12.5% using oral contraception pills, 8.93% using intrauterine contraception device. Abdominal pain (92.86%) and vaginal bleeding (82.14%) were the most frequent presenting complains. Syncopal attacks  occurs in (28.57%). 87.5% had  a period of amenorrhea  and 12.5% of female had no period of amenorrhea.  60.72% of these female the right tube was affected. 51.79% of these cases the tube was ruptured at the time of operation. Laparotomy was done for 92.86% and salpingectomy done for 94.64% of these female. Conclusion the majority of patients attending Karbala maternity hospital for EP were between 20-25 years and had history of abortion and previous abdominal surgery. Laparotomy with salpingectomy was the main modality of treatment.

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