proposed a new approach for student absence management


  • Wissam hussein Ministry of education



This study deals with the proposed a new approach for student absence management, the college is composed of four academic’s departments. The data entry (User) can enter the student’s absence hours in order to be saved in the database, and then conduct the real-time examination process to be compatible with the conditions that have been set by the educational institution to issue the appropriate decisions (alert, warning, final warning, taking out of the course Academic) and sending notices to students so that they can know the percentage of absence they have in each course.

For the design and programming of this system, we used the Microsoft SQL Server language to build the database and perform addition, deletion and query operations on the entries stored in that database, in addition to using C# Language to design user interfaces for entering data and showing the required reports, in addition to writing the code for linking those interfaces Database.



2022-06-07 — Updated on 2022-06-14