Allelopathic activity of Cyclamen rohlfsianum on germination and growth of two cultivars of Vicia faba.


  • Abdoun Hashim Alwan Kerbala University


Keywords: Cyclamen rohlfsianum, Allelopathic activity, Aqueous extracts, Crude powder, Vicia faba.



Cyclamen rohlfsianum belonging to Primulaceae family, a medicinal herb tuberous, is documented as a logo for Libyan Flora Encyclopedia, However, the allelopathic activities have not been examined. So the present study was done to evaluate the allelopathic activity of aqueous extracts at concentrations of (10, 15 and 20%) in dishes experiment, and adding the crude powder in soil at concentrations of (2, 4 and 8%) in pots experiment of C. rohlfsianum  (Tubers-Leaves) on the germination of seeds and the development of seedlings of two Vicia faba cultivars (Local and Massa). The results of a dishes experiment showed high significant differences in the reduction of germination percentage, and reduction of radicle and plumule lengths for two cultivars compared with a control. The results of a pots experiment showed also reduced emergence percentages of seedlings, root and shoot systems, and fresh weights. Most of the concentrations used caused a decrease of content chlorophyll (a, b, and  Total pigments) and an accumulation of carotenoids of two V.faba cultivars. The tubers had the most toxic in inhibiting, while Massa cultivar is the most sensitive.



2023-07-24 — Updated on 2023-07-24