Influence of Tin sulfide (SnS) nanoparticles grown on Silicone (Si) as heterojunction


  • emadkk kk ministry of education Baghdad education directorate of al katihar 2


SnS nanoparticles, wet chemical method, Si.


Tin sulfide (SnS) nanoparticles have been deposited on glass and n-Si substrates  using wet chemical method The as- prepared SnS nanoparticles were characterized using XRD, As waves interact with a regular structure that the diffraction occurs. SEM  show aggregates of small nanoparticles. The optical properties were acquired from the UV-VIS absorption spectrum and results showed energy gap of allowed direct transition to be (1.8) eV,  To prepare heterojunction (p-SnS/n-Si) which include (I.V) characteristics in state of light and dark conditions for forward and reverse bias as well as calculation (C.V). the results showed the (Vbi) value in illumination is less than in the dark  



2023-07-24 — Updated on 2023-07-24