A A study of Thermal Imaging of Moving Objects Using Different Apertures


  • Azhr Abdul Zahraa Raheem جامعة كربلاء- كلية العلوم


Thermal imaging, intensity distribution, Atmospheric transmission of IR, detection and recognition object.


This paper aims to study the intensity distribution of the thermal image by using an optical system operates with different shapes of the enter apertures and investigate the efficiency of the detected thermal image to obtain a better possible detected thermal image for moving targets. The effect of the circular, square and triangular apertures on the intensity distribution of the detected thermal image of moving targets at different speeds was studied. An ideal optical system (free from aberration) is considered in this research. Comparison between each aperture is performed to find out which of these apertures (circular, square, triangular) gives a better thermal image quality. Through the obtained results, it was found that the triangular optical apertures produce a better thermal image of targets at a distance of less than 2 km, compared to the square and circular apertures which give similar effects at the distance under investigation.