Preparation, Characterization and Spectrophotometric determination of Chromium ion via Azotitation reaction and its application


  • Abd Al-Hur Radhi Kerbala University


The reagent of Azo compound Ethyl4-(5-acetyl-2,3,4-trihydroxyphenyl) diazenyl benzoate (EATDB), was prepared ,characterized, and examined  by using  UV-Vis., FT-IR, G.C/Mass spectrum, 1HNMR spectrum and 13C NMR. For a quick determination of Cr (III) ion employing (EATDB) as spectrophotometer reagent, which a sensitive and selective spectrophotometric approach is suggested. Chromium(III) and this reagent react instantly at (max=573nm) and pH=(8) to create prepull complexes with a mole ratio, Job's method and Mollard's method 1: 2 (Cr+3: EATDB) for Cr (III), the absorbance is stable for more than 24 hours. With molar absorptivity ( Ɛ) = (0.935x102 and a limit of detection of 0.203 and a limit of quantification of 0.669 g.mL , Beer's law is observed in the range of (1-100) g.mL-1. The relative standard deviation was (0.742%). Chromium (III) in pharmaceuticals (drugs containing chromium and niacin) can be determined satisfactorily using this approach.The most interferences were brought on by Ni(II), Zn(II), Co(II),Fe(III),Pb(II), and  Cd(II) and suitable masking agent were used.