Evaluation of the harmful effects of mebetalin drug on some anatomical parameters and structural abnormalities in albino rat embryos during late stage of gestation.


  • Shaymaa Malik University of Kerbala


The therapeutic dose of the drug mebetalin was used at a dose of 135 mg which is a drug described as antispasmodic and convulsive, as well as directly relaxes the smooth muscles in the gastrointestinal tract relieving the pain of contractions in it, 10 pregnant white rats belonging to the type of Rattus rattus which were distributed into two sets  with five pregnant rats for each of them: the first five pregnant females were treated with distilled water only and were left as control animals, while the other five pregnant rats were injected intraperitoneally with the mebetalin drug from the third day until the twentieth day of gestation at the rate of one dose per day, on the twentieth day of gestation the animals were injected with the last dose in the morning and then in the evening the female rats were dissected after anesthesia after that the horns of the uterus and the embryos inside it were extracted and their body weights of embryos and the placenta were measured and the skeletal deformities of these embryos were also studied after their skeletons were clearing.       The results of present study pointed to that the uterine horns of pregnant rats that were treated with mebetalin suffered from pathological and abnormal signs of the uterine horns which were characterized by a small number of embryos and their heterogeneous distribution and the absorption of some embryos for twenty days of  gestation compared with cinical  signs of uterine horns  and the embryos for twenty days of  gestation in control set .

      The study data recorded a significant decrease (p < 0.05) in the weights of the embryos body and weights of placenta of pregnant rats that were injected with mebetalin for twenty days of  gestation when comparing the weights of embryos body and placenta of control rats for the same gestation period.

       Results of  astudy indicated that a significant decrease (p <0.05) in the lenghts of the body  and lenghts  of upper and lower extremities in the set  of pregnant rats treated with mebetalin of twenty days of gestation comparing with control pregnant rats set for twenty days of gestation and  the results of drying of the skeletons of the embryos on the twentieth day of gestation revealed that there were many different structural deformities in the set  whose mothers were treated with the drug, compared with the skeletons of the embryos of the control set  during the same period of gestation (twenty days).