Facial Kinship Verification in Forensic Investigation Using Deep Neural Networks


  • ruaa kadhim university of kerbala
  • Noor D. AL-Shakarchy


The human face contains a wealth of information that is influenced by genetics. Family members often share common facial characteristics due to their shared genetic makeup. By comparing the facial features of individuals, forensic investigators can examine the degree of similarity and infer their kinship. Kinship verification provides a powerful tool in forensic investigations, contributing to the resolution of missing person cases, social media analysis, genealogy research, and historical study. A Kinship Verification model is proposed using a three-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network. This approach involves analyzing two face images and extracting the relationship between them and determining if these are Kin or not. This work consists of the following stages: face preprocessing, deep features extraction and Classification. Extensive experiments revealed promising results compared with many state-of-the-art approaches. The accuracy of the proposed system reached 92.25% in the KinFaceW-I dataset and 95.25%in the KinFaceW-II dataset.