Publication Ethics Policy

JKAS has a stringent publication ethics policy. Every submitted paper is checked for similarity index using

The authors transfer copyrights to the Journal under the following terms and conditions:

  • The paper presents original work not previously published in a similar form and not currently under consideration by another journal
  • Each author has seen and approved the content of the submitted manuscript
  • Exclusive permission has been obtained from the author(s)/publisher(s) of the material/ information/data contained/used in any other form that is the intellectual property right of any person(s) other than the Author(s). The copyright material has clearly identified and acknowledged/referenced in the text of the paper. The author(s) are responsible for any violation/breach of the Copyright Law
  • There is no conflict of interest among the authors for the publication of a paper, and all the authors have significantly contributed to the paper
  • The paper once published will not be withdrawn or retracted unless very serious question(s) arise(s) on the data or originality of the text.
  • Once the copyrights are transferred, the published articles will be free and available with no special permission required to reuse all, or part of the article, including figures and tables for non-commercial purposes.

Ethical Guidelines for Use in Research on Animals

JKAS does not consider submissions directly focusing on human studies. For research on animals, JKAS observes policy ARRIVE guidelines available at PLoS Bio 8(6), e1000412,2010 when documenting and conducting live animal studies. Authors and reviewers are urged to adhere to these guidelines. It is also emphasized that in research involving animals, any potentially derived benefits must be significant in relation to harm suffered by participating animals Furthermore, the research conducted using live animals must comply with commonly accepted ‘3Rs’:

  • Replacement of animals by alternatives wherever possible;
  • Reduction in the number of animals used;
  • Refinement of experimental conditions and procedures to minimize the harm to animals

Submissions made to JKAS containing data in which the animals are investigated are required to be approved by an ethical review committee constituted by the institution of the corresponding author and relevant information provided in the Materials and Methods section or given separately just before the References section. The submissions are not processed further until a certificate is provided by the corresponding author in this regard:

Manuscript Approval Statement

At the time of submission, the Corresponding Author provides an explicit statement in the manuscript that all the authors have read and approved the manuscript for submission to JKAS

Conflict of Interest

As per the policy of JKAS, each manuscript will explicitly carry a statement to show the conflict of interest of any type i.e., among authors, with the institution of authors, with previous publication, etc.