Editorial and Publishing Processes


Editorial and Publishing Processes

  • All submitted manuscripts are initially subjected to review by the editor and editorial board and then screened for any plagiarism.
  • It will be then submitted for two or three reviewers to referee in specific specialties.
  • Manuscripts must not be previously submitted elsewhere for publication will be considered. Authors must provide an email address as all communication will be through email. All submitted manuscripts must abide by the Journal's instructions. Failure in doing so will result in the return of the manuscript to the author and the publication will possibly delay.
Handling submissions from editors, employees of the editorial board

Journal of Kerbala for Agricultural Sciences has a fair and quick process for review of submissions from the editor, and members of the editorial board. Upon submitting a manuscript to the Journal, the Editor-in-Chief immediately steps in and ensures that this is a manuscript submitted to reviewers unaware of who the authors are and vice versa.

we always search for adding new reviewers to the database or inviting external reviewers, this ensures ethical handling of all received manuscripts which may otherwise carry a bias.

 Manuscript processing Model