Relationship of the genotypes resulting from the mutation (233069) of the POU1F1 gene with milk production and body dimensions in Iraqi camel females (Camelus dromedarius)


  • Talib Ahmed Alrubaye Animal Production Department, Technical College of Al-Mussaib, AL-Furat AL-Awsat Technical University, Babylon, Iraq.
  • Wafaa Ismail AL-Sammarraie Animal Production Department, College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.


Genotypes, wild, intron and blood parameters.


The study was carried out by using 50 Iraqi single-humped camel females which belong to the private fields in the AL-Furat AL-Awsat region involving three cities (Babylon, Diwaniyah and Muthanna). This research was conducted to determine the genotypes and their distribution ratios for the POU1F1 gene, and the relationship of the polymorphism of the gene with some productive traits, growth characteristics and blood biochemical parameters. The mutation 233069 was in the region of third intron of third studied segment, which included second intron, third exon and third intron, with a length of 909 bp using DNA sequencing technology, as this mutation resulted in three genotypes wild GA, hetero GA and mutant AA . The results indicated that there were highly significant differences in the distribution ratios of the genotypes resulting from the mutation. The results showed that there were no significant effects between the genotypes with each of the length of the milk season, daily and total milk production, its chemical components and animal weight. The results of the study also showed that there was no significant relationship with body dimensions with the exception of body height from the front and length of the tail, as it outperformed. Individuals with hetero GA genotype on wild GG and mutant AA genotypes in terms of body height were (223.50±1.50, 215.12±0.88, 213.43±2.55) cm and tail length (58.50 ±1.50, 51.73 ±0.57, 52.28 ±0.86) cm for the genotypes hetero, wild and mutant genetics respectively. The results also showed significant differences between the genotypes and blood parameters with the exception of total protein, The individuals carrying the wild and mutant genotypes outperformed the individuals carrying the hetero genotypes in all of the traits glucose (103.34 ±0.73, 100.41 ±2.35, 55.31 ±15.08), cholesterol (90.09 ±0.64, 90.91 ±1.06, 47.18±1.92), and triglycerides (55.30 ±0.60, 55.43 ±1.46, 74.64 ±18.77) for the genotypes wild, mutant and hetero genetics respectively.