Effect of gamma rays and sodium chloride on increasing the concentration of cardiac glycoside compounds of Digitalis lanata In vitro


  • Sarab A. Almukhtar Department of Horticulture and landscape, Agriculture College, University of Kerbala,Karbala, Iraq


Cardiac glycosides, Digitalis, Gamma ray, NaCl, Plant tissue culture


The Explants that was used in the experiment to stimulate the production of glycoside compounds is the tips of the vegetative branches with a length of 2 cm obtained from the stage of vegetative multiplication growing from seeds treated with gamma radiation with a dose of (0, 30) gray, the tips of the branches were planted on MS nutrient medium prepared with different concentrations Of NaCl (3,0, 6, 9, 12) g.l-1 to know the effect of irradiation, sucrose and maltose in stimulating the production of cardiac glycoside compounds, chlorophyll and carbohydrates, the data showed that the concentration of 12 g.l-1 was better in increasing the active compounds: Digoxin, Digitoxin, and Gitoxin (129.46, 171.70, 145.59) μg.g-1 dry weight, respectively, while the neutral treatment was superior in increasing the rate of chlorophyll, which amounted to 2.10 µg.g-1, while the concentration of 3 g.l-1 gave the highest rate of carbohydrates amounting to 2.94 µg.g-1, and the irradiation treatment was significantly superior in The increase in the production of glycoside compounds reached (127.95, 193.95, 161.31) µg.g-1 dry weight, respectively, and the rate of chlorophyll and carbohydrates reached (2.38 and 3.11) µg.g-1, respectively.