The effect of gamma ray and sugars on increasing the concentration of cardiac glycoside compounds of Digitalis lanata In vitro


  • Sarab A. Almukhtar Horticulture and landscape Department, Agriculture College, University of Kerbala, Karbala, Iraq


cardiac glycosides, digitalis, gamma ray, sucrose, maltose , In vitro


The Explants  that was used in the experiment to stimulate the production of glycoside compounds is the tips of the vegetative branches with a length of 2 cm obtained from the stage of vegetative multiplication growing from seeds treated with gamma radiation with a dose of (0, 30) gray, the tips of the branches were planted on MS nutrient medium prepared with different concentrations Of sucrose maltose (30, 60, 90, 120) g.l-1 in independent experiments to know the effect of irradiation, sucrose and maltose in stimulating the production of cardiac glycoside compounds, chlorophyll and carbohydrates. The data showed the superiority of maltose at a concentration of 90 g.l-1 significantly over the rest of the treatments, as it achieved the highest rate of production The active compounds Digitoxin, Digoxin, and Gitoxin reached (284.42, 372.65, 327.63) µg.g-1 dry weight, respectively. They also led to an increase in the amount of chlorophyll that reached 4.11 mg.g-1, while the concentration of 120 g.l-1 maltose achieved the highest rate in carbohydrate production which reached 4.51 mg.g-1. The irradiation treatment was superior in increasing the production of the active compounds, reaching (215.78, 286.28, 250.26) µg.g-1 dry weight, respectively. It also led to an increase in the amount of chlorophyll and carbohydrates, which amounted to (3.81 and 4.53) mg.g-1respectively.