Instructions for Authors

Submission of a manuscript represents that it has neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere and is result of research carried out by author(s). Presentation in a conference and appearance in a symposium proceeding is not considered prior publication. Authors are required to include a list describing all the symbols and abbreviations in the paper. Use of the international system of measurement units is mandatory.

-On-line submission of manuscripts results in faster publication process and is recommended. Instructions are given in the PSIJK web sites

-Hardcopy submissions must include MS Word and jpg files.

-Manuscripts should be typewritten on one side of A4 paper, double-spaced, with adequate margins.

-References should be numbered in brackets and appear in sequence through the text. List of references should be given at the end of the paper.

-Figure captions are to be indicated under the illustrations. They should sufficiently explain the figures.

-Illustrations should appear in their appropriate places in the text.

-Tables and diagrams should be submitted in a form suitable for reproduction.

-Photographs should be of high quality saved as jpg files.

-Tables, Illustrations, Figures and Diagrams will be normally printed in single column width (8cm). Exceptionally large ones may be printed across two columns (17cm).